My dog won’t sit. Can I still have a portrait session?


Yes. The most common concern I hear is, "I love my dog, but he’ll never sit for a portrait!" Don’t worry, “behaving” isn’t the goal of a photo shoot with me. I want your dog to be himself. After all, that’s what makes him special. Dogs need to sniff, run, jump, dig and play. Chasing a tennis ball or lying on the couch, each animal has his own personality and that's exactly what I want to memorialize in his portraits. FYI, after 30 minutes of playing, he'll usually be so tired that I’ll get some of those "sitting" shots too!

My life is hectic, how long does a shoot take? 

My first career was as an attorney so I know the value of time. However, a photo shoot with me is an appointment you schedule to enjoy yourself and capture memories, not a time to look at your watch. I want you and your pup to be relaxed and have fun. To avoid stress and allow your dog to be himself, I plan on between 1-2 hours for a shoot. That gives me plenty of time to get photos that will thrill you and gives you and your dog a bonding experience you’ll always remember.

How much does this cost?

Information on session fees and product prices can be found on my Pricing page.

Will you come to my house?

Yes, I’ll come to your home in the Hamptons. I also photograph on beaches and parks throughout the area.


How do I schedule a session?

Call, email or text

My dog can’t be off leash, is that ok?

My first concern is your dog’s safety. If your dog does not reliably come when called and/or is prone to wondering away, I want your dog to be on a leash. I have long leashes that will give him some freedom without having to worry about him getting into trouble. After our photo shoot, I’ll edit out his leash in PhotoShop.


My dog is very old and/or has mobility problems. Can I still do a photo shoot?

Our pets' lives are far too short. If your loyal companion has reached an advanced age or is terminally ill and you'd like beautiful photographs to preserve his memory, please call me as soon as possible. I'll try my best to accommodate you on short notice. 

I know how hard it is to admit your pet is in the last phase of his life, but please don’t let your denial keep you from scheduling a photo session. These shoots are a celebration of your pet’s life. Pets always feel the love showered on them during the session and the resulting images provide great comfort and priceless memories, both during your grieving process and in the years ahead. Don’t miss your opportunity.


What if my dog is nervous around new people?

Photographing animals is a specialty requiring unique skills. Animals are extraordinarily sensitive and immediately know if you are comfortable with them. I am. I have photographed hundreds of rescue dogs. You need patience to develop an animal’s trust. While I have a limited supply of patience with humans, it’s boundless with animals. 

What will I be doing during the shoot?

You’ll be having fun with your pet while helping me get great shots. 

Given the high energy level of pets, especially on the beach, my photo sessions are always exciting--filled with playing, running and lots of laughter. You'll get to join in the fun because I'll need your help getting your pup's attention during the shoot. If he's a ball chaser, bring your "Chuck It" ball launcher or tennis racquet since I'll need you to use it while I shoot. You don’t need any previous experience because I’ll tell you exactly where you need to stand (or run) and what you need to do to help get your dog’s attention. By the end of the shoot you may be tired, but you’ll always remember a joyful experience with your dog.

Can I be in some of the pictures with my pet?

Yes, I’m happy to include you and/or your child in some of the shots—but please note, the only way humans get in front of my camera is accompanied by a pet!


Will you photograph a cat?

Unfortunately, I’m allergic to cats, so I only photograph them for commercial shoots where someone else is handling them.

What do I need to do in preparation for my photo shoot?

During our pre-session consultation I’ll go over everything from dog grooming, to exercise to clothing choices for any human(s) that will be in the photographs. I customize each photo session based on your interests.

Do I need to bring anything?

It depends. If you’ve chosen an outdoor shoot, you’ll need to bring water, a brush and some treats. If you prefer a studio shoot, you may want to bring costumes from your fashionista’s wardrobe. I also have an assortment of outfits and props available for your pup’s use. In either case, we’ll talk about what to bring when we have our pre-session consultation and I’ll send you a list of what we discussed a week before your session.

Can I bring my camera?

Someone else photographing is distracting to me and, most importantly, to your dog. I need his attention focused completely on me to get the images you’re going to love. So, please refrain from bringing and using your camera, iPad and phone.

Will I sign a release?

Yes. I’ll give you a release to sign for each animal and person I photograph. This allows me to use the images I shoot for my printed promotional materials, my website, and social media. I also may feature select pets in one of my art exhibitions.

Do you have a contract?

Yes. I’ll send you a standard professional photography contract to sign before our shoot. This ensures that expectations match reality.

When can I see the pictures?

I know it's hard to wait to see the results of your session, so, on the day of your shoot, we'll schedule the meeting at your home, usually within ten days, to review your images. At that meeting you'll chose your favorite photos and place your order for gallery wraps, metals, acrylics, albums, framed prints, note cards, or any of the other custom products I offer

How far ahead do I need to schedule my photo shoot?

May through October is very busy for me since most of my clients want to take advantage of the beach (or their yard), so please contact me as soon as you can to schedule you shoot. I’ll do my best to fit you in within two weeks of your call.

What if the weather doesn’t cooperate?

Outdoor shoots are weather dependent. I’ll photograph when it’s sunny or cloudy but, if it rains, we’ll reschedule your session as quickly as possible. Studio shoots are not affected by the weather.

Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Yes. Do you need a present for a special person in your life? Someone who doesn’t “need” anything? Someone who is impossible to shop for? This could be your answer. If your friend/relative loves a dog or horse, nothing could be a more unique or thoughtful expression of your love than a Gift Certificate for a photo shoot. You’ll be a hero and they’ll think of you every time they look at their artwork. Gift Certificates can be purchased for any amount you desire.