My Dog Will Never Sit Still for a Portrait

One of the most common things I hear from potential clients is, "My dog will never sit still for you to take his portrait!" That's not a problem. I'm not trying to photograph a statue. I want your dog to be himself. If that means he wants to chase a frisbee or he just wants to lie on his back with his feet in the air--that's who he is and that's exactly want I want to memorialize in his portraits. FYI, usually after 45 minutes or so, he'll be so tired that I'll get some of those "sitting" shots too!

Locations For My Shoots

I have two studios--one in Eastport, NY (the western-most village in Southampton Township) where I work during the summer and one in Newton, MA where I work during the winter. Photography sessions last about 90 minutes and can take place at my studio, your home or an outdoor location of your choice. Obviously beach shoots are very popular in the Hamptons and I have access to Westhampton beaches.

Session Fees & Releases

Session fees are based on the time and location of the shoot. 

My session fee base rate is $425. That includes a pre-session consultation with you to determine the location and types of photographs you'd like me to capture, about 90 minutes of photographing, my selection and basic editing of approximately 25 images, and a subsequent in-home meeting when you'll select your favorite images. I can advise you regarding framing possibilities for your choices at that time. Prints and all other photographic products are sold separately.

Half of the session fee is due when your appointment is booked. The balance is due at the beginning of your session. A model release is required for each animal and person photographed.

Props/ Costumes

If your pup is a fashionista, I have scores of doggy clothes, jewelry and furniture to complete her look. If your little guy (or girl) prefers to romp in the yard and/or beach and is rarely seen without a ball in his mouth, I'm ready for that too.

How Preparation For The Day Of The Shoot

*Consider having your dog groomed several days before our shoot so he'll look his best.

*Remember that a tired dog is a happy dog, so please walk, run or play with your pup for at least 30 minutes right before your scheduled shoot.

*The water can be quite enticing to your pet, so if we're going to the beach, bringing a brush and a towel (maybe one for each of you) is a good idea-- just in case.

*What about treats? I prefer to avoid them when photographing, but sometimes they're the only way to get a dog's attention. In case we have to use them, please don't feed your pet within an hour of our session. Since I don't know what he likes or may be allergic to, please bring his favorite "high value" treats. Think hot dogs, cheese or whatever goodies grab your fur baby's attention!

*If your pup has a favorite toy or ball, pack that too. I particularly love action shots, so bring on the frisbee or tennis balls!

*All this excitement can be exhausting for for pets and their people, so don't forget plenty of water for both of you! I always have poop bags, so you can cross that off your list!

What To Expect During The Shoot

Given the high energy level of pets, especially on the beach, my photo sessions are always exciting--filled with playing, running and lots of laughter. You'll get to join in the fun because I'll need your help getting your pup's attention during the shoot. If he's a ball chaser, bring your "Chuck It" ball launcher or tennis racquet since I'll need you to use it while I shoot. If you'd like to include your family in all the fun, that can certainly be arranged! 

When And Where Will I See My Photos?

I know it's hard to wait to see the results of your session, so on the day of our shoot we'll schedule a meeting at your home, usually within a week, to review your images. At that meeting you'll place your order for prints, gallery wraps, metals, acrylics, albums, holiday cards or any of the other custom products I offer. Once you've chosen your favorite photos, I'll help you pick sizes, framing options and placement in your home.

Puppy Packages

If you have a new puppy and want to capture his/her extraordinarily rapid first year of growth, I offer a special Fur Baby package. I'll document your pup's baby stage (as soon as possible after he arrives at home), his adolescence (between 6 and 9 months) and his coming of age (between 12-18 months). You'll receive three hour-long sessions and three 8x10 prints. Just like children, dogs are only babies once. With housebreaking, puppy kindergarten classes and daily walks you'll be amazed at how quickly the time flies. Before you know it the puppy you held in one hand has become an independent dog. Don't miss the opportunity to capture those memories.

Senior Pet Sessions

Our pets' lives are far too short. If your loyal companion has reached an advanced age or is terminally ill and you'd like quality photographs to preserve his memory, please call me. I'll try my best to accommodate you on short notice. A number of clients have come to me in the days before their pet's final trip to the vet and found our photo session to be both bittersweet and rewarding. The resulting images have provided great comfort and priceless memories in the years ahead.


If you are considering the purchase of an album, please discuss this with me before we begin the shoot so I can plan the composition and variety of the photographs I take.

 I love what I do and can't wait to work with you and your four (and two) legged little one(s) to capture some incredible moments!

Please contact me with any questions and to schedule your appointment: | 617.771.8408